New website for Haus Rabe

🚀 New website for Haus Rabe: a tribute to classical modernism!

Away from our usual paths, we have been working enthusiastically on a small side project. We are therefore delighted to announce the successful design and implementation of the new website for Haus Rabe in Zwenkau.

🌐 The website, clearly laid out and typographically in keeping with the building’s construction period, offers the Kulturstiftung Landkreis Leipzig an innovative platform for communicating this unique architectural monument.

👁 Explore the page here:

🏛️ Plan your visit to Haus Rabe in Zwenkau now!
For all those who have not yet experienced Haus Rabe,
It is highly recommended that you discover this architectural treasure of classical modernism.
The overall concept of the house, including the fascinating
Wall installations and murals by the artist Oskar Schlemmer, as well as the almost completely preserved interior, make every visit a unique experience.
unforgettable excursion.

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🙏 Our heartfelt thanks go to Nina Schreckenbach (Managing Director of Haus Rabe) for her outstanding cooperation and commitment. Together we have created a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also focuses on the history and beauty of Haus Rabe. We are proud to play our part in promoting the culture and architecture of our region.